Monday, May 11, 2009 will make your skin crawl

If you know me, you know that there aren't many things that really freak me out. Yes, ticks are disgusting, bloodsucking monsters that I would rather not interact with. But, for the most part, there's nothing that I'm really "afraid" of. Not snakes, not bugs, not spiders... until now. Yesterday, I had the most frightening bug experience ever - I mean, I reacted so strongly, I'm surprised I still have a working computer (because I flinged it off the bed).

I woke up leisurely on Sunday morning, pulled my laptop over to my bed and started surfing the internet... I heard some movement in my closet. Figuring it was the rest of my clothing getting ready to come crashing down, I ignored it - let it fall, I figured, I'll clean it up later. The sound went away, but I heard some other noises which I figured were the pigeons outside - until I saw something the size of Rhode Island crawling on my bed. I flipped out, trying to get away from it and at the same time, get it off my bed - I ended up flicking it to the floor (where it went inside my rainboot) and ran out of my room.

I took a second to compose myself before tackling the beast (which was now lost somewhere in the floor of my room) I grabbed a bowl from the kitchen and went back in to trap it under the bowl. After hearing it near a plastic bag on the floor, I ended up getting it under the bowl. I had to wait until Carrie got home to help me get rid of the thing because I just couldn't stomach it. I've never had anything that made my skin crawl like that.

So you want to know what it was? I have a photo:
This exact same creature was in our apartment on November 10th, 2008 (when these photos were taken) in the bathroom. I saw it crawling on the wall - and Carrie and I tried to kill the monster. Apparently, we did not kill it as we thought (by crushing it behind the bathroom cabinet) and it has been living in my closet (::shudder::) Look at it! It's HUGE!! And it was crawling on me! AND IN MY BED!!! Oh, man... it gives me chills.

(Pardon all the hair on our bathroom floor - Carrie and I shed a lot)

Gross. Yet another reason why I'll be getting a new apartment in September. Note: The roach was flushed after being removed from the bowl.

To give you an idea of just how big this thing is/was, here's a photo of it next to our bathroom trashcan -

When it was in our bathroom before, Carrie tried to kill it while I took pictures - it made for some hilarious pictures, and it shows Carrie's bravery. I was the coward.

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