Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On Friday night, Craig and I decided to stay in and watch our recent Netflix picks (consisting of a documentary and Mad Men season 1)

We watched The Cove.

If you have not seen this documentary, you need to stop what you're doing right now and go out and get it (or at least put it on your Netflix queue). It's no wonder this documentary won Best Documentary at this past year's Academy Awards. It does everything a good documentary is supposed to do. While watching, you learn something new, you get a tingling feeling in your spine watching people on the verge of getting caught, and your stomach rises to your throat in anger as you realize exactly what is going on.

The Cove is a place in Taiji, Japan where the largest dolphin slaughter in the world takes place. It's hidden by wooded cliffs and heavily protected by Japanese fishermen.

An espionage move, the team is able to plant cameras into never-before-seen areas of the cove and captured exactly what was happening. It's heartbreaking the detail that is seen, from the boats corralling the dolphins in, to the eventual bloody waters of the aftermath. It's gut wrenching.

In fact, Craig and I stared expressionless at each other afterwards until it was finally uttered, "What can we do??"

The Cove Official Trailer:

Just watch it. Please.

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Anonymous said...

The movie was just put on our instant queue. Now it is forced to battle with Star Wars: A New Hope for the title of which movie Will & Kathleen will watch tomorrow night!