Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend in Review

I was sick all week so I was so excited to FINALLY get to the weekend so I could just rest. Staying in meant homemade dinners and Craig wanted New York City pizza. So, we had a make your own pizza night!

Master Dough-er (**Can we all please note the lazy-man beard Craig's got going on here?)

Not so master

New York City kitchens are not exactly "well-equipped" for storage, hence the use of a painters canvas for pizza making. Use your resources.

It actually turned out really great! (even without the correct "equipment")

After, we watched some TV with some hot apple cider (Craig bought me some mini pumpkins for fall decorations) :)

After dinner and Cider, we headed off to the movies for some RomCom action - as you saw below.

Saturday was spent resting in bed and napping after a quick visit to a little old lady's doctor's office. (another story for another day)

I'm not 100% better but I'm certainly a lot closer than I was - the restful weekend was exactly what I needed!

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