Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Yeah, yeah.. that cheeky little rhyme was so cute when we were children! Now, it's a terrifying reality for anyone (especially those who live in New York City). It's no secret that New York is battling an infestation of bed bugs. Bed bugs that have mutated genetically to resist pesticides. They're in stores, movie theaters, apartments, and workplaces all over the city.
This morning, I found a bed bug. A tiny, flat, reddish-brown bug that was crawling across my pillow.. right in front of my face! I have never gotten out of bed so fast! I grabbed the parasite with a tissue and closed it in a tight container. I stripped the bed and put all sheets, blankets, and pillows in trash bags sealed tightly.
When inspecting the mattress and box spring, I didn't see any other bed bugs which makes me wonder: Can you have only one bed bug?
I had to leave the apartment and go to work with the promise that an Exterminator will be visiting my residence sometime today. The good news is that Penny is relatively safe as bed bugs do not target pets. The bad news is that she is probably the transporter of the parasites.
Hopefully, I can get everything taken care of very quickly and not have to worry about being bitten in my sleep (seriously, I can't even type it without shuddering). I am itching all over today and it's not because I have been bitten, it's because I feel positively disgusting. I feel like showering in boiling water.
Yes, I know and understand that having bed bugs doesn't mean you're a dirty person, but I still feel incredibly gross. (*Note: I couldn't even upload that picture in full size because it makes me feel so sick.)

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