Friday, February 11, 2011

Vera Wang Branches Out

Regardless of what you know about weddings. Every single person has decidedly heard of Vera Wang.  Her name is synonymous with wedding attire and even in the couture clothing world.  A Vera Wang gown in itself is something to be desired, not easily attained, and certainly not without throwing down a huge chunk of change.

Vera, I believe, is genius.  She's got an eye for gowns that flatter the body, adding whimsy and romance, alluding to the very tradition of a wedding gown, yet never leaving out the details that make it unique.  And, even more brilliant, she has inserted her name into nearly every market.  Now, she has joined with David's Bridal to make a collection of gowns that will essentially give anyone an opportunity to wear a Vera. 

Sure, the price points are still steep - ranging from $500.00 - $2000.00 (gowns, not accessories) - making them very top of the line for David's Bridal.  The collection includes not only bridal gowns, but sashes and belts, head wear, among other accessories.  It debuted in David's Bridal stores across the country today.

Take a look at the collection - what do you think?

That pink gown with the cut organza skirt is to die for.  Imagine it in a beautiful white or ivory.  Perfection.

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