Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend in Review: 2/25 - 2/27

Michael and Kim got married!

Craig and I left the city before the sun came up on a Friday morning and drove down to Lynchburg, VA to witness my dear, dear friends Michael and Kim tie the knot!

There's not much I can say to fully capture the magic of the weekend, the sun shone brightly and seemed to follow the bride wherever she went.  

Being a bridesmaid can usually end up being more work than anything else, but Kim was cool, calm, and collected and required no work from her bridesmaids.  I was truly honored to be one of the women standing with her on her and Michael's very special day.  

I even think that Craig had a great time even though people below the Mason-Dixon Line drive "way too slow"!

Here's to love!

*All photos by Leah Rhianne

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Kimmer said...

Thanks girl! You were a fantastic bridesmaid as well! Not only did you look perfectly gorgeous, but you were there for me with your hair and bustle fixing skills! Thank you again for letting us use your sparklers :) I was so glad to have you there for a billion reasons but most of all because you are flat out an awesome friend :)