Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday time!

I'm not one to really get overly excited about birthdays. My birthday usually comes and goes, maybe accentuated with a nice meal.  But, for Craig, I like to do something a little bit special. Birthdays can't go without dessert and presents!  So, I took Craig out to Dylan Prime in Tribeca for a special birthday dinner.

The food? TO DIE FOR. Seriously, I would put Cabernet Sauvignon Butter on everything and it would be perfectly okay.

"Pork Belly Tater Tots"
Don't be fooled, there was absolutely no "tater" in these tater tots. It was basically deep fried bacon. And it was delicious.

Craig's meal - The Carpetbagger. A steak stuffed with oysters. Sounds really gross but it was absolutely delicious.

My filet mignon with the Cabernet Sauvignon Butter, the best mac & cheese ever made, and green beans.

The dessert menu wasn't anything you couldn't get anywhere else, so I left it up to the birthday boy to decide what he wanted to make a birthday wish over. And what did he pick? Crepes!

So we trekked across to the East Side to the teeny-tiny Creperie and had a delicious crepe stuffed with chocolate, brownies, ice cream, and whipped cream.

Craig, I hope you had a great birthday. Here's to many many more!

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