Thursday, December 22, 2011



Alright, so we all know that I am a little bit insane.. and part of that insanity comes out with me thinking that I would actually be able to run a half marathon in March.  Yet, I have registered for the race and will find out before 2012 if I will be running 13.1 miles in just under 12 weeks.  Maybe it's exactly what I need to push myself to get to a-run-ning! (and to stop eating everything I see...)  NO CLUE. Though, it's terrifying.  The longest I have run since starting this thing (I'll be more specific when I have more time to write) is 4 miles. And, not in a continuous fashion (damn cramps) either. So is it possible to get to that point in such a short time?  I guess we'll see (and I might not even get in, so whatever!)

This quick update brought to you by: Ferrero Rocher (because there's a whole box of them sitting on my desk to share with the office, and they keep ending up in my mouth! Sneaky bastards...)

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