Friday, March 6, 2009

Skinny jeans

Each person has one pair of pants (usually jeans) that sits in the bottom of the drawer for an extended pair of time. This pair of jeans is usually a size or two too small, but they're still there because "one day they will fit again". At home, I have more than one pair of "one day" jeans - yet, I only brought one pair with me to New York. The pants had never been worn, just tried on once when purchased at the store.

I am happy to announce that I am wearing those jeans (comfortably) today! My skinny jeans! Yes! (Aside: Not "skinny jeans" in the way they're cut, but in the "I have to be skinnier to wear these" way. I do have a pair of skinny cut jeans that I love - but unfortunately I took an embarassing tumble on 49th St. this past weekend and ripped a hole in the knee. Now they are 1980s style jeans. Bummer.)

I had a bit of depressing/exciting time this week going 'closet shopping'. I pulled out everything from my closet/chest of drawers to re-evaluate my wardrobe, to stop wearing the same 5 outfits each week and put some of my other clothes into rotation. Well, after pulling out the clothes and trying them on, I have 5 skirts, 3 pairs of dress pants, 2 cropped pants, and some various other items that are all now too big for me. My first reaction was "Woo hoo! This is awesome!" followed by, "Crap! Now I don't have any clothes!" Since I'm on a strict budget, I can't afford to buy new clothes right now, so I'm going to work on getting some of my original clothes altered to fit me again. Looks like I'll be taking home an extra suitcase over Easter and coming back with some updated pieces!!

I have some updates about work - but I'll post that later today - just excited about my jeans for now!!

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