Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dash -

Okay, so I'm well aware that I didn't do a single update in the month of February. Not that things didn't happen in February, quite the contrary! I've just always thought that February was the armpit of the year, and I normally hibernate during the short month. Not that I never tried to update... I would always pull up the blog, and sit on my bed with the cursor blinking on a blank screen. February was not my month to be productive.

Anyway, HAPPY MARCH! To me, March has always represented the coming of spring and the awakening of the season. So, how crappy is it that the first few days of March are hampered by the "Nor'easter" that whipped through here yesterday? Granted, we weren't as incapacitated in the city as some cities down south, but it definitely hasn't been fun navigating through. I mean, really - the "feels like" temperature this morning was -5. Gross.

Okay, so February. Lots of blog-worthy things happened, some not-so-blog-worthy things happened. (Note: not ALL of my life will be turned over to the inter-webs, yeah yeah use your imagination) So I figured I would just do a couple different posts to sum up some February events.

Let's go back: Valentine's day.

Though it may seem strange, I was not affected much by Valentine's Day this year. Though, I did receive a lot of calls from people - to make sure I wasn't hanging from my shower rod or anything (joke). It's probably more upsetting to know (and admit) that I've never had a Valentine's Day date or evening. Even when I was "with" someone, I never had someone with me on Valentine's Day. So, the day itself felt like any other day - just with an extra "lovey" segment of movies on TV. Little did I know that I would soon have an unexpected visitor at my door. (Intrigued yet?)

Since I had a very tiring weekend being a tourist (will be in another post) I decided that I would go to bed early. So I got myself ready, and hopped into bed to watch movies and fall asleep. It wasn't too long after I had turned off the lights that I heard a tap on the door. So, I turned down the TV to listen again. (Aside: I don't know many people in this city, and I certainly know that no one would be looking for me at my apartment - and having watched way too many episodes of Law&Order, I'm naturally skeptical)

I quietly got out of bed, and looked through my "peep hole" - didn't see anyone. But, while I was looking out, I heard the tap on the door again. So, I quietly unlocked the door, and cracked it open, peering out the side, when suddenly, something dashed past my feet and into my apartment. It took me a second to really realize what it was - and before I knew it, I had a temporary pet.

I'll admit that my first thought was, "Oh yay! A cat wandered into my apartment on Valentine's day - maybe it's meant to be! Maybe I'll keep him and call him 'Valentine'" So I laid a towel in the floor, got some water in a bowl, and gave him some tuna fish (he was obviously undernourished). After the sheer "omg a kitty!" phase passed, I started thinking more logically. Stray cat. No history. Could be carrying lots of diseases. So I decided that it would be best for me to not keep the cat (since I can't really afford a pet right now) and to turn him over to animal control. So I called the police station, to find out what I was supposed to do with a stray cat in my apartment. They told me to call 911, 911 told me to call 311, 311 told me to call Animal Services, etc. etc. After talking to a lot of people, none of which would help me, I tried to get some of the neighbors to help. But, with it being Valentine's Day - everyone was either out, or in and not answering the door (if you know what I mean). So I had to get him back out in the hallway (which broke my heart) and hope that he would either go back home - maybe he belonged to someone in the apartment, or someone that could afford him could take him in.

After he got back into the hall that night, he wandered off and I told myself that he would be alright wherever he ended up. Yet, he came back the next day. Yep, he was back at my doorstep on Sunday afternoon. This time, I didn't let him come into the apartment, keeping my health and wellness first in my mind. But I had to eventually call the Management company to help me get him to the right place. Animal control wouldn't take him unless I got him into a cat carrier. Who has extra cat carriers lying around???

I don't know what became of him, but I think he's just our "apartment" cat - he probably helps keep the mice away. I think I would definitely like to have a cat one day - but I would need to be a bit more financially stable before I can give a good home to an animal.

Though "Dash" was friendly, and cute, we were just not meant to be a this point and time. (I seem to be saying this about a lot of 'boys' in my life right now - haha!)

So, definitely an interesting Valentine's Day - but at least I didn't spend it alone!

More February updates coming soon!!

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I like that comic and I like you too =) (I like you more than the comic).