Monday, February 22, 2010

In Defense of Country Music

Today, I woke up moody. It was literally a "woke up on the wrong side of the bed" day, but after listening to some good country music, I started feeling better.

In New York (and many other places), country music isn't well received. I've often heard the "ABC" phrase - "Anything But Country" - but, I'm here today defending country music and maybe offering some insight.

Yes, I understand that a lot of country music is twangy and talks a lot about divorce, dead pets, and trucks, but there's a different side of country music that I love.

The appeal: it's the fantasy. It's the idea that love and happiness do exist - and more importantly, it's the idea that men obsess and long for us as much as we do for them. While it still may be a fantasy, it's a nice one to have -

One of my favorite songs is Chuck Wicks - All I Ever Wanted. Really, isn't that what all girls want? A man that will say, "all I ever wanted was you" (while we're twirling in a sundress, natch!) ah, heartsplosion!

Maybe it's a dream, sure. But, isn't that the whole appeal? Take T.Swift - highschool girls everywhere just want to be kissed in the rain after a football game by the star quarterback. The music and the lyrics take you to a different place. One where love and happiness not only exist, but are felt every moment of every day.

So take that, New York - I will listen to my country music as often as I like. And if you gave it a chance, you might like some of it too ;)

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