Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shoe Forecasting??

During the fall and winter of last year, I spent the majority of the season searching for the perfect boot.  The one I had in my head that would complement my winter outfits perfectly.

It was a tall boot, just below the knee (not one of those over the knee boots, blech!) with a rounded toe, a stacked, less than 3-inch heel, that laced completely up the front.  Certainly that couldn't be hard to find! Well, since they are currently NOT in my closet right now, the search was a complete bust. 

So, it was a complete shock to me when the Ugg Australia Fall Preview catalog popped out of my mailbox one afternoon and displayed my perfect boot!  As if I designed it myself, there it was!

Since then, my tall, lace-up boots have been popping up everywhere. Just this morning, two graced my inbox!

I'm not saying that I'm amazing or anything, but it does strike me as odd.  I search and search for the perfect boot for the 2010 season and it suddenly pops up for 2011.  Does this mean I should go into fashion forecasting? 
(Note: I do not have a photo of the Ugg boots. They are not yet listed on the e-commerce site)
I remember spending one summer frantically searching for pants that fitted snug at the top but had really wide legs that appeard skirt-like.  After that season, goucho pants suddenly appeared everywhere!  And, when planning a wedding, I chose navy blue as my main color. A very difficult color to find at the time in the wedding industry, I searched high and low for navy ribbons, navy dresses, navy invitations.  The next season, David's Bridal released a new dress color.. "Marine" a deep blue.   And, hello? My full-lace dress was chosen long before Kate Middleton made lace popular again!
Coincidence? Or am I due for a career change??? ;)

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