Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas time!

I'll be home for Christmas - you can count on me.  Please have snow and mistletoe... and presents under the tree!   Christmas Eve will find me.... in an airport terminal.

Not exactly a very exciting way to start Christmas.  This is the first year I've lived away from home during the holiday season and it's been very difficult for me.  Not because I miss my family or home (I do, but that's not what makes it difficult).  It's that I've had a really hard time getting into the holiday spirit.  I had to work today - (I'll just say it was a BIG waste of time as to not stray from the topic) and knowing that tomorrow is Christmas just seems strange - normally I would have had lots of time to prepare, sing carols, wrap presents, etc.  But now, I'll fly in tonight (around midnight), go to bed, and wake up on Christmas morning.  odd.  I guess this is just all part of growing up.  

I'm going to have an action-packed few days coming up.  Christmas with the mom-side, Christmas with the dad-side, Christmas with friends, skiing (well, not for me), and then a day (maybe two) of restful time to spend with family.

I do know, no matter how busy my time gets - I will have to get some Mexican food (yes, probably from La Cocina) People in New York City just can't seem to get it right : ) 

Whoo - gotta go, planes-a-boardin'!!  I'll be flying with Santa!

Merry Christmas to all!

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