Friday, June 4, 2010

VA Reviews: Completely Bare's Brazilian Bikini Wax

Disclaimer: This post is of a very personal nature (might get graphic at times) and if you're not interested in reading about lady parts, move right along, friend.

Brazilian Bikini Wax. The words themselves can cause tingly sensations of the spine and quivering between your legs (not the good kind, either) So, why do so many women decide to have a stranger peel apart their most intimate layers, pour hot wax on them, and rip tiny hairs out of their snuggly warm homes to cause pain? Coming up, I find out.

A shaver, myself, I always wanted to keep things neat and tidy in my nether regions. Not bare. Call me crazy, but I always felt a little jouvenile with no hair "down there". Truth is, I got lazy. Because I was living with MP and his two siblings, sharing a bathroom, I didn't have the time to takeover the bathroom for a long time to do some grooming. So, I started looking into waxing. "Hey," I thought, "in one hour, someone else could take care of all of this for me!" So, I went for it. For the non-waxing-educated, a Brazilian is where ALL of the hair is removed, front to back, with the exception of some hair left on the "top".

I went to the Completely Bare salon on New York's 5th Avenue. While the building itself wasn't the best (a typical, New York entry, dirty floors, slow elevator), the decorum changed as soon as I stepped off the elevator onto the 4th floor. Clean, very open, little furniture, the place seemed like it tried to be a spa but ran out of money. I guess the open "greeting area" is to help create serenity for the guests. I mean, really, you need some serenity... my heart was racing.
I met Christina shortly after filling out some paperwork and she took me back into a small room down a hallway. She was nice, though didn't seem to sense my nervousness, she talked like I was coming in for a manicure.

Finally, she asked:
"Have you ever had anything waxed before?"
"Just eyebrows.."
"Oh, no bikini waxing then?"
"Nope. First time.. you might want to walk me through this."

She laughed, though I'm pretty sure it was just at my candid way of saying it - though after that, she was really great about keeping me informed about what was happening and what I should do.

Here's the thing. It hurt, yes, but it's a sharp, quick pain that fades immediately. It's not the pain that is the problem. It's that it's AWKWARD! There's a lady pulling and tugging on your lady-parts to try to get all of the hair. Not only is she making things uncomfortable, but she then rips it all out! Couple that with some really awkward comments. "I'll start with the labia..." "The inner butt is the easiest." Uhhhhh....?

There was a tv in the ceiling (smart, people!) so I could watch some 1940s movie while I had to endure the uncomfortable waxing. Though, she did say she was shocked at my non-reaction to the whole thing. No screaming, no jerking.. I'm amazing ;)

Overall, the experience wasn't that bad. Sure, it was awkward, uncomfortable, and a little painful, but I haven't had to worry about any sort of grooming for almost 3 weeks now. To me, that's worth it.

Completely Bare is a little more pricey than I would pay on the regular, but if you're needing a first time experience, I'd say they're a good choice. Will I do it again, sure. But, I'll find a cheaper salon next time.

VA Rating: 7

Good service, nice work, but high price and heavy unconfortable nature.

Completely Bare Salon - NYC

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Justine Cricks said...

Going to a bikini waxing session is always sensitive. I mean, no one would want some person seeing your private parts, let alone touch them. But, wax therapists are trained to keep their clients as comfortable as possible – that’s the goal, at least. Well, it’s been more than two years after this event, so I hope things got better. :)