Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Imaginary Closet

My Imaginary Closet

My Imaginary Closet by naneenya featuring antique jewelry

Let's play in my imaginary closest.

Fashion's Night Out - It's basically trick or treating for adults. Where the normals go door to door store to store, sip champagne alongside of celebrity, new fashions are displayed, stores are opened, parties thrown, and fun had by all.  When the economy was tanking, Fashion's Night Out was created in order to help boost the economy and to hopefully help the luxury retail market survive. Since then, this annual event kicks off New York's fashion week and even those of us who do not get swanky invitations in the mail for seats along the runway get to play.

So, if my closet was vast and limitless, this is the type of thing I'd love to wear. First, FLATS!

Fashion's Night Out requires quite a lot of walking. Unless you're taking cabs everywhere (not recommended, traffic is horrible!), you'll need some decent walking shoes.  These Miu Miu flats would be comfortable while still being fashionable. Blisters and Band-Aids are the antagonist of fabulousity.

A bag big enough to carry all of your swag - and a watch to make sure you get to the next place before it all shuts down!

I love this structured top by Vivienne Westwood and the coral cropped slacks add a pop of color perfect for the summer-to-fall transition.

Are you going to Fashion's Night Out? What are your evening plans??

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