Monday, August 9, 2010

Oil and Water

A matter of some controversy:

The August 2010 issue of Vogue Italia featured a pretty risque fashion editorial. While couture editorials are not exactly known for being "tame", this one pushes the limits, I believe.

Vogue Italia decided to take "inspiration" from one of the greatest ecological disasters in US history and turn it into "art". While I appreciate that using current events is something that is useful and usually pretty appealing, this one is in bad form.

Let's look at the goods, shall we?

Like I said, I have nothing against meshing current events with fashion editorial. In fact, it can be done very, very well. (Elections, Patriotism, Gay Rights, etc.) But imagine this: If a huge fashion publication located in the US ran an editorial spread, showing luminous women in fabulous couture floating in large bodies of water right after the Boxing Day tsunami, or beautiful gowns amidst a rocky, shaken background after Haiti's earthquake. How would it be received by the rest of the world? There would be uproarious amounts of criticism about our lack of compassion for others. There is a general understanding that controversy, whether it be good or bad, is a good salesman. But this, this is just offensive.

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