Sunday, August 15, 2010

Singles' Week

It's just me this week. No, I'm not saying that I am "single this week". I am simply stating that for this week, I am by myself.

Craig is on vacation. I promise I'm not being the mopey pathetic "girl that was left at home", but I do miss him. It's different, because not only is he on vacation, but he is out of the country! So, very little communication. :(

The most difficult part is the realization that, for this week, I am by myself in this city. Carrie moved back to NC (SO SAD!!) and Craig's out of town. My emergency contact is out of town!! What will I do if something happens? Of course, you never worry about those things when people are actually here! Last night, I laid in bed wondering what I would do if I had an emergency. I have one friend still in this city, but let's hope nothing bad happens while the boyfriend is away.

I miss having him around, I really do, but I am so happy he's getting a chance to relax, get away from work, and de-stress with a week of laying on the beach and scuba diving. He certainly needs some time to decompress.

So, I'll keep you posted on how I fare by myself this week. Cooking for one, getting to the gym on my own, and sending emails to a boy in the Caymans. Cheers!

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