Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend in Review

New York finally delivered a gorgeous weekend and we took full advantage! It has been months since I've been able to walk outside without feeling the need to run back in and take a shower - in fact, I've been coming home from work most evenings, stripping down, and jumping straight into a soaking of chilly water.

So when NY1 forecasted a 75 degree morning and an 80 degree afternoon, we planned on spending most of the day outside.

A picnic in Central Park, complete with GMAT studying (and baby-watching, huh? Luckily, Craig had his earplugs in to study so he didn't hear the sound of my ovaries exploding.. hah!)

Later that night, after short naps, we took a perfectly temperatured hand-in-hand stroll around the Upper East Side, doing some night time window shopping.

On Sunday, we had a positively gay brunch with friends down in Chelsea, complete with Craig getting a few winks and waves! After, we headed over to Chelsea Piers for some bowling. Naturally, I lost - even when bowling a turkey!!

Sunday ended with Discovery Channel's Shark Week and snuggles in bed. Altogether, an amazing weekend - now if there was just one more Sunday, it would have been perfection.

How was your weekend?

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