Sunday, January 18, 2009

NY gets a little sexier -

Okay, I'm not sure who is actually reading this - but if you are, then maybe you know me and you know what type of person I am.  Maybe not.  Who knows?

So, when I started this blog, I promised I would take you along for the ride if my life in New York started to steam up.  Now, my "steamy" life wouldn't even compare to a tea kettle of others lives, but still.

So last night was a pretty interesting night - I found out that foreign guys have NO boundaries.  Seriously, it's like they feel that a grabbing of your ass is the perfect way to initiate conversation.  And, they DON'T leave you alone after you've told them you're not interested in having their hand up your shirt.   Now, I feel that it is only coincidence that I danced with/kissed three people last night (none of which were living in America) - how else does that happen but by coincidence?  I guess technically, I only made out with one, because one guy just stuck his tongue in my mouth while I was laughing (yeah, that was awkward) - that was the same guy that tried to cross the up-the-shirt boundary, and the other guy gave me a peck before running to get drinks at the bar.

Now, this is not generally my personality - I don't usually hook up with random people at bars - in fact, I don't usually hook up with random people at all.  But, for a little while, it was nice to feel like people found me attractive and wanted to spend a little time with me (even if that time verged on inappropriate)

But, I realized, as it started to snow when I left (alone) that it's a false high - that I'm a relationship person and would much rather be in one relationship than to bounce around many guys. 

But, each day is different, I don't know who I'll meet tomorrow (or if I'll meet anyone at all) - and who knows what will happen.  

I'll keep you posted.

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