Monday, July 13, 2009

Anything can happen here...

If you have ever paid attention to movies and tv shows that are filmed/set in New York City, you'll notice that there is a reoccurring theme - the idea that anything can happen. While I haven't exactly reached my "happy ending" there are some very strange things that have happened to me and experiences that I have pulled in that make a lot of my stories sound trite and made up. I've often been told by friends and family alike that the situations I get myself into are just "unreal".

Here's an example: On Friday afternoon, I got a G-chat message from an old college roommate (and awesome friend) saying that she was going to be in the city this weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday. Since I hadn't seen her since... I really don't remember --- graduation?? ... I was really excited to spend some time with her. I met her and her friends at a place called the "Frying Pan". It is an old boat/pier that has been turned into a really awesome outdoor space for eating and drinking. I didn't really know anybody else there, but that's kind of how it is no matter where I go, so I just casually chatted with everybody there.

"Just so you know, you're sitting next to a Calvin Klein model..." Nancy leaned in and whispered to me.
"What? Seriously?"
"Yeah, he just walked the Calvin Klein show in Milan."
"Well, hot damn."

So, I was sitting next to a guy that models in his underwear. Love it! He got up a few minutes later to get a bottle of wine to split with friends and as he came back, he stepped over a grate that was covering a port-hole on the deck. The grate gave way and he went crashing down into the rusty boat. He caught himself on a table and as he pulled his leg out of the port hole, there was a gaping wound and a large amount of blood streaming down his leg. Though he brushed it off, I couldn't deny the first-aid deliverer in me.. I had to do something (not because he looks hot in his underwear, but because it would have driven me crazy to have his bloody leg next to me and my instincts wouldn't let me let it go, of course!) So I offered up my services to at least clean the wound and bandage it the best way I could.

Picture this: we are in the hull of a rocking ship, he's sprawled out on a couch (this sounds a lot sexier than it was, I assure you) while I'm running around looking for a first aid kit, there's not one there, so I have to MacGyver a bandage out of crappy paper towels. Long story short, the bleeding stops, we all keep drinking, and I throw out a couple "I saved your leg, when you're famous, I should totes get some credit" comments :)

Yes, that would be him there in the picture.

Sometimes my life is so very boring - but then sometimes I get a really good story out of a typical Saturday outing. That's the beauty of New York City, really. Anything can happen.

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