Friday, July 24, 2009

Dating Virginia: The Gender Reversal

It seems that during the time I was "off the market" and "in the pit" a reversal of gender happened. We all know that typically, the women are the ones who whine to their girlfriends over mimosas saying " why didn't he call me?" "what does this text mean?" "he gave me a kiss at the end of the date and never called?! What the hell??" But, for some reason, I find myself constantly interacting with a bunch of whiny boys!

First, let's go back to February, to my first real adult date. After interacting with the guy for a few days, agreeing to meet him for dates, after date number 2, he was suddenly in love with me! Crying (yes, crying) and saying that he wanted to "love [me] forever" GAHH!

Another case: there are a few guys that I have communicated with online that will randomly send me messages like this:

OnlineGuy2298: Why haven't you said hi to me lately?
OnlineGuy2298: What did I do?
OnlineGuy2298: Do you want to meet?
OnlineGuy2298: Hello?
OnlineGuy2298: Hm, guess not.
Really? When did this happen? When did guys become neurotic little babies who bug the hell out of you in a "I'm going to keep calling you until you realize how NORMAL I am!"???

Also, guys today seem to be more insecure about themselves than women are. They constantly want to know if you find them attractive or if you like their personality. Like the guy who tells me every day that he goes to the gym. ( I get it! You work out! I'm so proud!) Or the guy that asks, "why don't you want to hold my hand? You don't like me?" (Really??)

I'm certainly not the most confident person out there, and I definitely don't have the highest self-esteem. But, I know how to carefully hide it and make guys think that I've got it all together (at least, I think so - who knows, they might be able to see right through me..)

So, to all the men out there - please, stop whining!

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